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Game Title: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
Version of DirectX: DX 9
CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9850
Graphics card: nVidia GTX580
Video Driver: nVidia 262.99 Windows 7 64 bit Beta
Stereo Driver: DDD: 3.0.7
Submit Date: 2010-12-09 16:41:24
Certification Result: Gold-C (85%)
Personal 3D rating : None Submitted
Stereo Profile: None Submitted

Sample Pictures

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In the "3D Object Detection" window, make sure the profile says "Mode 1". Otherwise, some of the lighting will not render properly. This has to be manually set because it isn't a default setting in the driver.

Part II: Required Game Setting Reductions & Adjustments

  • Reduced shadows.
  • QA penalty: 10%
    Total penalties: 1

    Part III: Top Level Anomalies

    Total penalties: 0

    Part IV: Secondary Anomalies

  • Player tags or markings associated with game characters are rendered only at screen depth, and not at the depth of the individual objects or characters.
  • QA penalty: 5%
    Total penalties: 1