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Game Title: Bioshock Infinite
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
Version of DirectX: DX 11
CPU: AMD 1090T
Graphics card: AMD HD7970
Video Driver: AMD 13.3 Windows 7 64 bit Beta
Stereo Driver: DDD: 3.7.3
Submit Date: 2013-07-04 22:43:30
Certification Result: Silver-C (80%)
Personal 3D rating : 3 (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
Stereo Profile: None Submitted

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I think DDD did the best they could with this game. It's very playable in stereoscopic 3D form, but it didn't fare as well as the earlier Bioshock games when it came to balancing the 3D elements (e.g. getting the gun positions just right, misplaced details in the HUD, etc.). It was definitely a lot of fun to play in 3D though.

I'm subjectively scoring the 3D a 3/5, but if I could, I'd have marked it as 3.5. This is actually very good as I think DDD had the cards stacked against them with this title.

As per GG3D specs, it's recommended to turn off the autoconvergence feature in DDD's driver. I experimented with this anyway, and found that elements get their polarity reversed when this mode is in use.

Part II: Required Game Setting Reductions & Adjustments

Total penalties: 0

Part III: Top Level Anomalies

Total penalties: 0

Part IV: Secondary Anomalies

  • Player tags or markings associated with game characters are rendered only at screen depth, and not at the depth of the individual objects or characters.
  • QA penalty: 5%
  • Gun or weapon separates too far apart (>80% doubled) ONLY when achieving out of screen effects.
  • QA penalty: 0% Usually happens when looking down the iron sites in zoom mode.
  • Elements of the Heads Up Display (HUD) have errors, are innacurate, or are flawed in some way when stereoscopic 3D mode is activated. Examples could include markers or map points that are out of sync in 3D mode, partial HUD element distortions, or any interface error that appears in stereoscopic 3D mode that isn't there in traditional 2D. This is NOT that same as an interface or HUD that completely splits when 3D settings are adjusted.
  • QA penalty: 10% When you adjust the 3D settings, the "vigor" graphic isn't in line with the display and has strange 3D effect. Not very distracting, but it's definitely an error.
  • The 2D or 3D skybox has minor clipping along the border in the left or right eye. It almost looks as though there aren't enough graphics to fully cover the visual space.
  • QA penalty: 5% Only happens during certain flash scenes; like when your character is getting revived or gets a new vigor.
    Total penalties: 4