Full Details

Game Title: Doom 3 BFG
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
Version of DirectX: DX 9
CPU: Intel Core I7
Graphics card: nVidia GTX580
Video Driver: nVidia 306.81 Windows 7 64 bit WHQL
Stereo Driver: nVidia: 306.81
Submit Date: 2012-11-09 10:17:44
Certification Result: Gold-C (95%)
Personal 3D rating : 4 (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
Stereo Profile: None Submitted

Sample Pictures

None Submitted


Make sure your resolution is the 120Hz option on 3D capable monitors. For out of screen effects, go with a convergence of 25 or more.

Part II: Required Game Setting Reductions & Adjustments

Total penalties: 0

Part III: Top Level Anomalies

Total penalties: 0

Part IV: Secondary Anomalies

  • Objects or effects that are out of sync with the 3D display. For example, sparks or indicators that blink or flash in alternating eyes instead of both eyes at the same time and in the same shape/intensity.
  • QA penalty: 5% The grabber gun morphs the image in two completely different ways in 3D form, and this is very uncomfortable to view. There is also a strange red post processing effect that doesn't look right in 3D.
    Total penalties: 1