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Game Title: Warhammer 40K Space Marine
Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit
Version of DirectX: DX 9
CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850
Graphics card: nVidia GTX 460
Video Driver: nVidia 301.42 Windows 7 64 bit WHQL
Stereo Driver: nVidia: 301.42
Submit Date: 2012-06-28 19:44:37
Certification Result: Uncertified-D (5%)
Personal 3D rating : 1 (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
Stereo Profile: None Submitted

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This game is a complete mess in 3D. Shadows (I think) cause such a serious issue that at times it is impossible to resolve the two images into 3D in your mind. Weird anomallys regularly crop up, and I couldn't play it in 3D for any length of time. Nvidia recommend that you don't play this one in 3D, and so do I. It's hideous.

Part II: Required Game Setting Reductions & Adjustments

Total penalties: 0

Part III: Top Level Anomalies

  • High contrast cut-out shapes and visual flaws that appear as you adjust your S-3D experience.
  • QA penalty: 90% Everything in the game has a weird offset cutout as if a lighting or pixel shading effect is being rendered at the wrong depth. This is apparant in both eyes and the effect cannot be turned off.
    Total penalties: 1

    Part IV: Secondary Anomalies

  • Shadows that rarely flash or render at the wrong depth.
  • QA penalty: 5% Again, not sure what is going on here beyond the shadows looking seriously different in each eye.
    Total penalties: 1