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computer1_l.jpg187 views2 commentsyuriythebest03/14/09 at 21:26LukePC1: yeah looks wired crosseyed. Unfortunatly I can'...
DOW2.jpgDawn of war 2 beta175 viewspicture to show some pop out. its a simple picture so i can post to the iz3d forum to show them the issues with the ui being rendered at screen depth and how it can destroy the games beautiful 3d1 commentsangelsinraver03/14/09 at 21:16LukePC1: Why not set Convergence lower (in the screen) and ...
ge_#0000.jpgSword of the New World, iZ3D189 viewsSword of the New World party select screen on iZ3D1 commentsIfandbut07/20/08 at 13:23LukePC1: I like the reflections in S-3D. Most game+driver c...
9cb579e4fc85.jpgunknown1417 views1 commentsFreke107/20/08 at 13:19LukePC1: Great Popout Smile
GRID_#0002.jpgRacedriver GRID, iZ3D 1.08beta140 viewsVisual anomaly in shadows.
Game has 2 types of shadows :
-direct vertical shadow below the car, anomaly : present in one eye only and seems offset
-projected shadow from sunlight on all world objects and car, anomaly : shadow offset
1 commentsBlackShark06/20/08 at 14:14LukePC1: The older Racedriver games seem to have a better c...
manhunt15_75.jpgManhunt85 viewsLight effect in the distance is not attached to the bulb.2 commentsmunkyb06/20/08 at 14:12LukePC1: Good settings, but very dark...
AcesOfTheGalaxy_#0010.jpg139 views1 commentsNeil06/16/08 at 18:39LukePC1: Nice shots. I like that with the amount of popout....
car_nvidia_IZ3D.JPGZalman vs IZ3d;757 viewsThis is the Iz3D with the old nvidia driver (neurok optics). I'm not shure if it's the 17" or the 22w" version.
I think the tinting can be reduced with a little adjustment ;-)
1 commentsLukePC104/06/08 at 07:25LukePC1: Hi can someone with the iZ3D confirm or deny the b...
car_IZ3d.JPGZalman vs IZ3d;118 viewsThis is the Iz3D with the iz3D driver/ viewer. I'm not shure if it's the 17" or the 22w" version.
I think the tinting can be reduced with a little adjustment, or with the new glasses ;-)
1 commentsLukePC104/06/08 at 07:24LukePC1: Hi can someone with the iZ3D confirm or deny the b...
il2fb06_50~0.jpgIL2:1946 - NVIDIA276 viewsOutside view of a P-47.
Former versions of il2 did not work well in stereo 3D, fortunately, with the last patch and beta stereo drivers works really well, making it an outstanding experience because of the detailed 3D cockpits.
2 commentscrim311/10/07 at 10:03LukePC1: It looks a little FLAT, although you said you can ...
fs902_50~0.jpgFlight Simulator 2004 - NVIDIA196 viewsView of the huge nose of a P-47.
FS works in stereo fairly well without the need of special settings. Light points, stars, sun, moon, stars, atmosphere haze and smoke/fire effects all are always at screen depth no matter what is done. Normal day flights are not very disturbed but this, but night flights can be uncomfortables.
1 commentscrim311/10/07 at 09:59LukePC1: Nice depth and comments. Does it work with other (...
Crysis03_50.jpgCrysis ; Nvidia 9x.xx193 viewsCrysis on low settings with depth.
Sometimes there are anoying pixel problems...
1 commentsLukePC110/31/07 at 08:28LukePC1: Here can you see the wrong pixels. They are the wh...
FlatOut205_75.jpgFlat Out 2 Nvidia 9x.xx816 views1 commentsLukePC110/27/07 at 12:31LukePC1: I like to play this Game with high depth and a bit...
main0002.jpgUnigine with iZ3D150 viewsUnigine with iZ3D2 commentssharky10/26/07 at 14:43LukePC1: Wow nice popout Shocked
3DMark060011.jpg3D Mark 06 - forest - with iZ3D259 views3D Mark 06 - forest - with iZ3D2 commentssharky10/26/07 at 14:42LukePC1: This one is good... You can see the difference of ...
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