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Bioshock_#0023.jpgRapture's Plastic Surgeon758 viewsThe Medical Building on Rapture was one of my favorite environments. See how this scene strikes you in S-3D.Neil
Bioshock_#0029.jpgCrash Landing Site491 viewsYour plane just crashed, and this is your entry point to Rapture.Neil
Bioshock_#0035.jpgOutside view of Rapture585 viewsNeil
Bioshock_#0040.jpgRapture!707 viewsThis is an outside view of the Rapture complex as your minisub is taking you in.Neil
Bioshock_#0048.jpgS-3D Couch Trip452 viewsThis is the moment before a flaming couch hits you as it is rolling down the stairs.Neil
Bioshock_#0050.jpgBlood! Blood! Blood!445 viewsJust a sample of wrench combat in Bioshock.Neil
Bioshock_#0058.jpgThis is your first genetic transformation once you enter Rapture.445 viewsNeil
Bioshock_#0065.jpgRapture just sprung a leak!544 viewsNeil
Bioshock_#0070.jpgBlood! Blood! Blood!532 viewsThis is the icky mess your wrench does to Splicers.Neil
bioshockintro.aviBioshock Intro Sequence In Anaglyph S-3D (red/blue glasses needed). You will need to download the video directly to your computer to see it properly.659 viewsRead the review at mtbs3D.com in the MTBS BLOGS section. Click on NEWS from the main page, then MTBS BLOGS at the top.Neil
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