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3_sniper_nocrosshair.jpgSniper nocrosshair (constructed)85 viewsFreke1
4_sniper_aim.jpgSniper aiming (constructed)70 viewsFreke1
5_ironsight_crosshair.jpgIronsight crosshair (constructed)98 viewsFreke1
6_ironsight_aim.jpgIronsigt aiming (constructed)82 viewsFreke1
2_aimpoint_aim.jpgAiming suggestion 1 (constructed)117 views1 commentsFreke1
BF20000.jpgBattlefield 2 - iZ3D (1.06.04)80 viewsThe left eye in the APC has the window blocked for some reason. Similar problem in other vehicles.2 commentsNeil
XR_3DA0000.jpgSTALKER - iZ3D 1.06.0380 viewsThis is what happens when any shadows are turned on. None of the shadows are properly rendered, and you get this black square on the ground and triped mesh on the buildings.Neil
XR_3DA0001.jpgSTALKER - iZ3D 1.06.0368 viewsWhen you use binoculars, the separation goes much too far.Neil
fs902_50~0.jpgFlight Simulator 2004 - NVIDIA196 viewsView of the huge nose of a P-47.
FS works in stereo fairly well without the need of special settings. Light points, stars, sun, moon, stars, atmosphere haze and smoke/fire effects all are always at screen depth no matter what is done. Normal day flights are not very disturbed but this, but night flights can be uncomfortables.
1 commentscrim3
il2fb06_50~0.jpgIL2:1946 - NVIDIA276 viewsOutside view of a P-47.
Former versions of il2 did not work well in stereo 3D, fortunately, with the last patch and beta stereo drivers works really well, making it an outstanding experience because of the detailed 3D cockpits.
2 commentscrim3
TimeShift0000.jpgtimeshift 1.06.02 Alpha90 viewsbackground of the menu is not shown. dirvers executed as admin.sharky
TimeShift0001.jpgTimeshift 1.06.02 Alpha67 viewsthe level is not shown. you only see the hud ingame. i executed the drivers as admin.sharky
Oblivion0001.jpgOblivion (iZ3D Alpha 1.06.0298 viewsThe speech craft circle at the top left is doubled.Neil
Crysis0000.jpgCrysis Single Player Demo (iZ3D 1.06.03 Alpha)82 viewsWhen Post Processing is set to HIGH, the blurred effect only appears in the LEFT eye. Also, when shadows are medium or better, they are not rendered properly at all. The driver would not let me do a print-screen when shadows were enabled at medium or better.Neil
Oblivion0000~0.jpgOblivion (iZ3D 1.06.02 Alpha)60 viewsIn the game map, the red and yellow map target markers are doubled when they shouldn't be. Also the time meter is doubled (it looks like an eyebrow above the circular symbol at the top right of the screen).Neil
BF20014.jpgBattlefield 2, MiddleEast Tank, iZ3D 1.060481 viewsThe left eye has a visual anomaly interfering with the window view. Try different vehicles from different game teams. The interfaces are handled a little differently for some reason. Dynamic shadows still don't work.Neil
BF20015.jpgBattlefield 2, MiddleEast Tank, iZ3D 1.060364 viewsThe left eye has a visual anomaly interfering with the window view. Try different vehicles from different game teams. The interfaces are handled a little differently for some reason. Dynamic shadows still don't work.Neil
v3ry.jpgv3ry Sig101 viewsJust my old Sigv3ry
H5_Gametreehouse.jpgHeroes of Might and Magic V - Nvidia184 viewsBuildings and trees tend to pop out the most.archcorenth
signaturesharky.gifsharkys signature on the forum117 viewsmy signaturesharky
Crysis28_50.jpgCrysis SP demo - Nvidia284 views1 commentsFreke1
HellgateDemo_sp_dx9_x8614_50.jpgHellgate London ; Nvidia199 viewsA nice shot of the Demo. It is possible to get stereo when pressing the hotkey while the character selection. Unfortunatly the light effects are drawn at wrong/screen depth...LukePC1
FlatOut205_75.jpgFlat Out 2 Nvidia 9x.xx816 views1 commentsLukePC1
FinalConflict_01_c.jpgTomb Raider Anniversary - Nvidia842 viewsMutant in the final conflict levelLikay
Oblivion2.jpgElder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - iZ3D1656 viewsElder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a game by Bethesda Softworks. This a sample submission for other members to go by, and is not an indication of official MTBS certification.Neil
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