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Stereoscopic Hardware Solution FAQ

By March 6, 2007March 24th, 2020FAQ

1. Can my company get involved?

Yes! Meant to be Seen is designed to be an industry wide association, and additional S-3D solutions are welcome to financially participate.

2. Are your certification standards proprietary?

Not at all. In fact, industry changes within the last year have forced us to reshape our certification process to account for the multiple solutions in the market.

Drivers aside, the basic needs of proper S-3D rendering are the same across the board. In practice, our certification process should work for your hardware solution.

If not, we are willing to adjust the certification to take your solution into account on condition that your company takes an active role in making MTBS a success for the industry.

3. When I join, what benefits will I reap?

  • We will promote your hardware solution to our members.
  • You will sell more units.
  • You will get a seat on our advisory board.
  • You will increase the likelihood that your hardware solution will work with the games in the marketplace.
  • You will reduce your in-house customer service expenses because fewer customers will have problems.
  • 4. We aren’t sponsoring yet. Can we advise our customers that games meeting your certification guidelines will work with our hardware solution?

    Without financial sponsorship, we will not have the resources to properly test your hardware or software solutions.

    Unofficially, our certification guidelines will probably work. Unfortunately, we can’t risk the liability associated with your 3D solution without your financial involvement.

    Therefore, we cannot allow the use of our logos from non-participating stereoscopic hardware or software vendors.

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