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By March 6, 2007FAQ

1. Is it true that stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) technologies only work on NVIDIA cards?

No. While NVIDIA has been a tremendous pioneer in the area of stereoscopic driver support, and has served as a catalyst for many S-3D hardware options, additional driver solutions that support both ATI and NVIDIA GPUs are available from Dynamic Digital Depth, iZ3D LLC, and other manufacturers.

2. Will you be formally reviewing stereoscopic equipment?

While we think all our sponsors will be offering top notch stereoscopic solutions, it would be inappropriate for us to review their equipment as it would put us in a conflict of interest. We will, however, give our subscribers the freedom to express their opinions and reviews through our Meant to be Seen user forums.

3. Will you be reviewing video games?

Yes. We will be reviewing games from a stereoscopic 3D gaming perspective. Sample attributes include how effective S-3D is in the game, the game’s immersive nature, etc. The reviews will also take into account multiple S-3D hardware solutions where possible. Reviews are not to be confused with certification which is a straight determination of S-3D and video game compatibility.

4. Why must I subscribe?

This is an advocacy group. To generate action in the game publishing industry, it is vital that we demonstrate a demand and interest in stereo 3D hardware and software solutions.  Membership in Meant to be Seen is the best way to do that.

Furthermore, we value your feedback and ideas. All input is welcome, and we hope to see you posting regularly in our forums.  You are also our eyes and ears, and it would be a positive contribution if you could encourage others to join our growing advocacy group.

As our membership grows, you will eventually be given the opportunity to participate in our certification process.

5. Why should I subscribe?

Meant to be Seen is all about benefits. Here are some key benefits that we are striving to offer:

– Save money by making sure games will work with your stereoscopic system before you buy.
– Save time by instantly finding the best settings for getting your games to work properly.
– Discount programs.
– Discussion forums for users to interact and resolve S-3D questions and challenges.
– Learn about the latest developments in the S-3D industry.

6. I don’t own a stereoscopic solution, should I subscribe?

YES! This industry is still very much in development. Even if you don’t own an S-3D solution, by signing on, you are stating that you want this industry to flourish, and you want your games to work by the time you take the plunge in stereoscopic 3D.

Furthermore, you will still be able to benefit from our discount programs and the expertise of your fellow members.

7. How will my information be used?

Our database of users is kept strictly in-house. We will not sell our database to any third parties.

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