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Category: Vireio Perception 3.0
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Vireio Perception 3.0.1 + VR Boost Version:3.0.1

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Hotfix for Oculus Runtime 0.8
Vireio Perception compatible with Windows 10 and Oculus runtime 0.8.

11-23-2015 16:42:40
3.18 MB
Vireio Perception 3.0.0 alpha 2 Version:3.0.0a2

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NOTE: This must be run on and in Direct Mode

As promised in our last alpha release we have been working to improve the Asyncronous Timewarp. On the last version it was found that the DX9 thread was passing the frame too soon to the DX11 Direct to Rift (before the graphics card had chance to finish rendering). This was causing some left / right eye desyncronisation. We have therefore added a configurable period per game that can be used to ensure it is finished. This has improved things greatly. We have also improved the Prediction Timewarp timing. Both of our devs have tested playing Skyrim outside on Ultra settings and getting almost perfectly smooth experiences.

This does vary by game and also by machine. If you find that you are getting some judder or desyncronisation between eyes, increase the "Post Sleep" setting in the "Overall Settings" menu. 0 indicates no wait at all (and usually has these issues). 20 indicates a long wait (which should be smooth although lead to more latency). Depending on your machine we find somewhere between 3 - 8 to be perfect.

Generally as long as you are getting at least an FPD of mid to high 30's we should be able to give you a judder free experience. 

Other Notes:
The scanner for Bioshock 2 has also been fixed. 

Thanks once again to Simon Brown (Dr Beef) for providing the inspiration and perspiration to get this working well.

07-24-2015 07:18:00
3.49 MB
Vireio Perception 3.0.0alpha Version:3.0.0a

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The Vireio Perception project has been quiet for a while. This is due in part to 2 reasons. The first is that another developer was helping out and improving the underlying code / fixing bugs and generally making future development easier. We therefore would let to extend thanks to James Babcock for his help with the project. He added a lot of good features including the ability to control hotkey against all Vireio functions. There were also major improvements to positional tracking, menu system, cooldown and config control functions.

The second reason is that it became quickly apparent that the new SDK from oculus was going to cause quite a lot of issues with both DX9 and extended mode. For a long time we researched ideas that would enable the project to continue, but realised if we could not find a permanent fix then Vireio may struggle to exist when Oculus CV1 came out. Luckily and due to the programming agility, hard work and countless hours of Simon Brown (Dr Beef) we now have a version of Vireio Perception that works in Direct Mode on the latest SDK. It also mirrors a completely undistorted view on the monitor, useful for streamers / watchers.

Although this is quite the achievement in itself we have also now looked to utilise the benefits of the new SDK by working towards our own Asynchronous Timewarp. Considering this is working in combination with DX9, this is quite a feat. The work on this is still ongoing and we are aware that it is not yet perfect. The version we release today is an alpha peak at our latest work as we wanted users to be able to be trying out these latest changes as soon as possible and hopefully providing us with some feedback and bug reports. There are still quite a few bugs we are working on and broken support in a few games.

To run this latest version you will need the runtime. You should set the Rift to be in Direct-To-Rift mode. We also have a list of other big changes. You can now change the projected FOV of all matrices. This has two advantages. The first is that you can adjust the FOV in games that otherwise don't have FOV controls / hacks (Rainbow 6 Vegas for example). The second advantage is that you can improve performance by reducing the game FOV and increasing the Projection FOV. If you push this too far it will result in things disappearing from the edges of your field of view, however from our testing this only happens in most games at very high settings. We realise that this is a personal preference so we give you the controls to adjust this to your liking or turn off completely.

Known Issues:
We are aware that sometimes the game crashes on startup. If this happens start the game again. If it persists. Close down the Vireio Dialog, wait for 30 seconds, reopen Vireio and restart game. We have both seen this behavior but never that we could not rectify by using this process.
Dishonored - Aware of issue with menu transparency
Far Cry (All) - No textures visible
Bioshock 2 - VRBoost scanner is broken
Crysis - Crashing on game loading at the moment

Full list of changes:
True Disconnected Screen View. This is now a proper screen floating in space.
Small Fixes to Fallout: NV Shaders
Added ability to choose what is drawn in supported games. (I.e. ability to not draw shadows in Skyrim. This results in less visual artifacts and improved performance)
Refactored Game Type to be clearer and more precise
Removed Convergence setting when using Rift

We would also like to extend a special thanks to Dan Church for taking the time to advise us with the Async Timewarp implementation. He currently has a kickstarter named FlyInside, which is used to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Steam Edition) in the Oculus Rift. It features flawless Async Timewarp and is generally excellent. If you haven't tried it, there is a free alpha to test on the kickstarter. We recommend supporting Dan if you can.

Notes: We are aware that some instructions in the manual are now not applicable or outdated. We will be looking to update this when we reach a release status for version 3. Switch to/from DSV mode uses middle mouse button, if this doesn't work, then you need to open the VPMENU and assign one in the overall settings menu

07-09-2015 09:59:41
3.48 MB