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Vireio Perception 2.1.6 + VR Boost Version:2.1.6  
(1 vote)
1) Improved Memory Scanner - Now uses multithread approach for quicker scanning.
2) Games will not start in Vr mode if the Vireio Perception Dialog is not open. Easier for playing normally without having to uninstall Symlinks / DLLs
3) Comfort Mode Added - As originally sugested by Cloudhead Games
4) Saints Row 2 Support
5) Saints Row 3 Support
6) Homefront Support
7) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Support
8) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut Support - Please note if you have a choice we strongly recommend using the above version NOT the Directors Cut. The original is far better from a VR support standpoint.
9) Improved scanner compatibility in a few existing games (Outlast / Crysis / Far Cry 3 / etc)
10) Ability to Supress Vireio Hotkeys
11) PDF of Hotkeys reinstated to VP folder
12) VR Mouse - New implementation and look (Double Click NUMPAD 0 to toggle)
13) New Disconnected Screen View Implementation - Previous version had issue with cropping. New one should look better and fuller.
14) Sped up the Menu system - Should be now much more responsive

Vireio Perception Manual

We have added some more videos showing the latest games and features:

Basic In-game settings and usage (Borderlands)

Running the VR Boost Scanner (Borderlands)

Demo Video: Saints Row The Third

Using the VR Mouse (Saints Row The Third)

VR Comfort Mode (Homefront)

Please do let us know any suggestions for games you would like added. There are certainly some exciting developments on the horizon. We hope to be able to share these with you very soon.



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