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3D TVs are almost here…

By March 20, 2010Newswires

3D TVs are almost here…
By Steve Tilley

For those who have embraced the hoopla and hype, your first chance to buy a 3D television is almost here. On March 26, Future Shop stores will begin selling Samsung 3D HDTVs and accessories, marking the first availability of a major manufacturer’s 3D TVs in Canada.

But being the first person on the block to watch 3D Blu-ray movies or play 3D video games will come with a cost – the Samsung 3D TVs start at $2499.99 for the 40-inch LED model, $2,899.99 for the 46-inch model and $3,199.99 for a higher-end 46-inch model that includes LED local dimming, a backlight feature that improves contrast. Other models ranging in price up to $5,500 will also be available, as will plasma 3D TVs.

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