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Four reasons why James Cameron mustn’t re-release Avatar

By March 19, 2010Newswires

Four reasons why James Cameron mustn’t re-release Avatar
For it is on the cards. Please help prevent calamity and add your own entreaties below

by Stuart Heritage

The assorted voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences must be feeling pretty remorseful at the moment. Thanks to their collective decision that The Hurt Locker is better than Avatar,

That’s assuming that your definition of hell involves the theatrical release of an extended version of Avatar later this year, obviously. And if it doesn’t, it should. I can understand Cameron’s decision to give Titanic a 3D makeover – since I was a teenager I’ve longed to see a man’s head bounce off the propeller of a sinking ocean-liner in all three glorious dimensions – but not Avatar. There are a million reasons why James Cameron should rethink his decision to drag Avatar out for another go around the cinemas; here are just some of them.

1) It looks like it’s motivated by the wrong reasons. Cameron’s official rationale for the Avatar re-release is that “It’s kind of gotten stomped out [of cinemas since the release] of Alice in Wonderland” – a sign that James Cameron is either determined to keep wringing pennies out of the film until everybody becomes completely sick of it, or that he’s uncomfortable with the notion of other people making popular films. Either way, it seems a little distasteful.

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