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Technicolor gets into 3D

By March 18, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

Technicolor gets into 3D
It’s the next big thing
By Ian Williams

TECHNICOLOR, the company that brought colour to movies for the first time, is throwing its considerable weight behind 3D, both in the cinema and broadcast arenas.

At an event at its Chiswick facility in London today, the company revealed it has launched the first independent broadcast services platform ready to broadcast 3D channels.

According to Ahmad Ouri, chief marketing officer of Technicolor, despite all the hype so far only 25 major studio titles have been made in 3D in the last five years, with 19 more coming in the near future.

Despite this the company predicts that over the next five years, adoption will increase exponentially, in the cinema and the home and later on mobile phones and media players. He even postulated that Jobs’ Mob was almost certainly working on a 3D device.

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