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The 3D Week in Review: Who Will Wear the Glasses?

By March 17, 2010March 24th, 2020Newswires

The 3D Week in Review: Who Will Wear the Glasses?
By Michael J. Miller

So far, the launch of 3D TV seems on pace. We saw a slew of announcements over the past week or so that were aimed at making the sets and the services available. But while the technology looks promising, there are still a lot of open questions before 3D becomes commonplace in homes.

Over the past week, Mitusbishi started pushing its 82-inch DLP 3D TV. Panasonic started selling its 50-in Plasma TV and its 3D Blu-ray player. Samsung introduced 17 sets, including “3D LED TV” (edge-lit LCD TVs) along with a Blu-ray player. Sony has apparently set June 10 for a launch in Japan, with a U.S. launch shortly afterward, and all sorts of other vendors from Vizio to Funai are planning entries as well.

The big thing to understand is that these aren’t just 3D TVs; they are also the best and highest-end HDTVs for watching normal 2D content. And that’s a good thing, because the truth is that there isn’t that much 3D content yet.

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