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From big screen to small, comin’ at ya: 3D TV

By March 17, 2010Newswires

Jonathan Takiff: From big screen to small, comin’ at ya: Ready or not, it’s 3-D TV

By Jonathan Takiff

THE GIZMO: The 3-D TV war heats up.

With 3-D adventures like “Avatar” and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” burning it up at the box office, consumer-electronics firms have reason to feel optimistic about their new high-definition 3-D TVs also winning favor, fast.

And over the last couple of weeks, leading set-makers Samsung, Panasonic and Sony have been jockeying furiously for position with marketing and promotional moves. Their goal is to be “first in mind” when consumers decide to take the plunge.

WHO’S GOT THE GOODS (AND THE HYPE)?: Samsung and Panasonic heralded the availability of their first 3-D sets with events in New York last week.

And, while Sony won’t have 3-D TVs for sale until June, the company has already put pre-production samples on display at its Sony Style stores.

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