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Review: The HTC Vive Fulfills Virtual Reality’s Boldest Promises

By April 5, 2016March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Lisa Eadicicco and Matt Peckham

The Vive creates virtual worlds that feel unbelievably real—at a cost

The good: Accurate and fluid motion controllers; allows players to walk around in a virtual environment; strong selection of games
The bad: Expensive; lots of gear to keep track of; must remain tethered to PC
Who should buy: Gamers with a compatible PC seeking a virtual reality experience that’s more about interaction and exploration than roller coaster thrills

Looking down at the landscape littered with intruders, I aligned my shot with what I perceived to be precision. Pulling back with my right arm, I launched an arrow that ever so narrowly missed my target, barely grazing his helmet. This was possible because the two video game controllers I was holding in my hands can transform into nearly any tool depending on the situation: a bow-and-arrow in this case, in others an enchanted staff that can cast fire or a magic paintbrush capable of conceiving anything from animated snowflakes to glowing rainbows.

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