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Oculus’ virtual reality headset to launch without fanfare

By March 24, 2016March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Derrik J. Lang

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — When the Oculus Rift debuts next week, it won’t do so with a star-studded launch party or massive marketing blitz worthy of a new video game console or smartphone. Instead, thousands of the virtual reality doodads will simply arrive on the door steps of early adopters willing to spend $600 for the immersive technology.

Oculus’ founder Palmer Luckey kick-started interest in modern-day VR four years ago with the introduction of a clunky headset he crafted from smartphone parts. The gizmo has evolved into a head-mounted display capable of transporting wearers to virtual worlds, without the same level of nausea-inducing side effects that plagued VR inventions in the 1990s.

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