In Virtual Reality, San Diego Scientist Sees Tool To Help The Visually Impaired

By May 29, 2015Newswires

By David Wagner

Lately, entertainment companies of all stripes have been investing in virtual reality, hoping to immerse players within video games, and to put fans courtside at major league events.

But virtual reality can be more than just fun and games, according to a UC San Diego doctor using a cheap new headset with patients in mind.

Dr. Felipe Medeiros is an ophthalmologist and a professor who treats glaucoma patients like 63-year-old Melinda Person. He’s trying to develop better ways of spotting balance problems in his patients.¬†

Person knows first-hand that glaucoma affects balance as well as vision. About a year ago, she was walking to the grocery store two blocks from her home in downtown San Diego. Just like she’d done countless times before, she crossed the street and stepped onto a familiar curb.

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