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Live From Facebook F8 With Mark Zuckerberg: New Ways To Share, Make Money

By March 25, 2015Newswires

By Robert Hof

Facebook holds its almost-annual F8 conference for some 3,000 software developers Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco, and this one looks to debut more new products and services than it has in a long time.

That’s for two reasons: For one, with the acquisitions in recent years of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, among others, Facebook simply has a lot more products and services–or platforms, to use the customary software jargon–on which to build. The social network (and doesn’t that term sound way too limited by now?) has essentially promised each of its major services will have something new to offer. It already appears to have leaked hints of a couple of announcements involving software development for the Internet of Things and possibly the Oculus virtual-reality system.

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