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Oculus founder Palmer Luckey calls augmented reality apps ‘boring’

By March 14, 2015Newswires

By Matt McFarland

The excitement for virtual reality was obvious Friday at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin. Attendees packed the “Geek Stage” at Palmer Event Center — many sitting in the center aisle — to hear several Oculus executives opine.

When asked about the Microsoft Hololens, an augmented reality device that overlays virtual information on top of your field of vision, Luckey was skeptical.

“Nobody has ever proven a killer application for augmented reality. Most proposed [augmented reality] killer apps, it’s not that they’re not cool, they’re just kind of boring,” Luckey said. “It’s things like assisting you with how to use a tool or telling you where you’re walking or where do I go, the best restaurant nearby. We’re not excited by those things as much.”

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