Making the most of the VR opportunity

By March 13, 2015Newswires

By Matthew Falcus

Virtual Reality has emerged as a buzz phrase in the games industry lately with many new headsets announced and many developers looking to take advantage it. 

If you’re thinking of getting on board, here are eight tips on making the most of the opportunity.

1. Getting in early is key
I’ve heard it said a few times that the big name publishers and developers won’t get in on virtual reality until the potential is proven. So, being early to the market with a game that inspires and gets people talking is going to make it much easier to have a success on your hands than when the market is suddenly saturated and clawing at the marketing budgets of the big players.

Compare how hard it is to get noticed on the mobile app stores today compared to five years ago when free-to-play was in its infancy. This is a similar time for VR.

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