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By February 25, 2015March 24th, 2020Newswires


Hockey fights are about to get a lot more visceral 

By Will Mason

Imagine you are sitting at a game, thousands of screaming fans all around you, your face eagerly pressed against the glass waiting for the puck to drop. With next to no time left on the clock your team has to win the faceoff and score to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. You hold your breath, and will your eyes to stay open. The puck drops. ‘We won the drop!’ Quick pass to the forward who just peeled around from behind. You see it, he sees it, an opening. He pulls his stick back and lays into the puck with a thunderous crack. The buzzer echoes throughout the building as the crowd goes bananas. You cheer and dance up and down in pure jubilation, turning to the person next to you to give them a high five… and then you laugh because you completely forgot you were wearing your virtual reality headset the whole time.

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