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Getting Immersed: Next Galaxy’s Mary Spio On The Metaverse And Immersive CEEKARS Headset

By November 17, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Seth Colaner

Mary Spio is the CEO of Next Galaxy, a company that’s building an immersive metaverse for serving up VR content as well as an audio headset called CEEKARS that promises to deliver unrivaled omnidirectional sound to enhance the VR experience. Spio will be speaking at the Immersed A/VR conference in Toronto, taking place November 23-34 in Toronto.

Tom’s Hardware: Tell us about Next Galaxy and what the company does.

Mary Spio: Next Galaxy is an immersive technology company. We’re developing both software and hardware for virtual reality. But our core focus is on CEEK, which is an entertainment and educational hub.

What CEEK is doing is basically creating one comprehensive, central platform. So think of it as what Netflix is for movies, so that you can access entertainment content from different content creators, different movie houses [and] record labels, different sports outfits, in one central place. You go there, and you’re able to consume all of this content. It’s an entertainment and educational hub for VR content and experiences.

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