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Samsung doesn’t know where virtual reality is headed, but it has a plan

By November 11, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

The company wants to get an army of developers behind its Gear VR platform as fast as possible

By Nathan Ingraham

Perhaps by the sheer force of its market power alone, Samsung immediately became one of the top contenders in the nascent virtual reality space earlier this year when it announced Gear VR — a headset powered by Samsung’s Note 4 smartphone, built in conjunction with Oculus. We haven’t heard much about the future of the Gear VR since it was announced, but Samsung appears poised to break its silence at its second annual developers conference, which kicks off today in San Francisco. VR will be a major topic of conversation, and the company is counting on those developers to help build the case for the Gear VR — and virtual reality in general.

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