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Warner Bros is building a virtual reality Batcave

By October 8, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

Remember Batman: The Animated Series? The Nineties Saturday morning cartoon that offered the first truly on-point screen depiction of the Dark Knight and the villains of Gotham City?

If so then, like me, you probably hear actor Kevin Conroy’s voice in your head when reading a Batman comic book, and curse every big-budget movie that’s released for failing to feature The Joker’s psychiatrist-turned-accomplice Harley Quinn.

Well, fans of the series can prepare to seriously geek out as Warner Bros, DC Entertainment and 3D graphics designers OTOY have announced they are bringing the series’ Batcave to life via interactive holographic video for glasses-free technology, including light field displays that will power future televisions and mobile devices.

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