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A Gorgeous New VR Game From the Makers of Monument Valley

By October 6, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Liz Stinson

When British studio Ustwo released Monument Valley earlier this year, the biggest disappointment was being able to experience it only on a tablet. If you tried hard enough, you could almost imagine yourself wandering its sunrise-colored worlds, exploring the M.C. Escher-style architecture alongside Ida, the pointy-hatted avatar. It was immersive—well, as immersive as a 2-D experience can be—but in the end, you were tapping and swiping on a screen.

It made many people wonder: What would it be like to be inside Monument Valley? Would it be as cool as expected? Would you puke all over the exquisitely designed world? Now we can find out. Ustwo will soon release Land’s End, a virtual reality game for the Samsung Gear VR headset.

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