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A holodeck at home: Developers take Oculus wireless for a breathtaking virtual reality experience

By September 19, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Todd Bishop

I was standing on an elevated platform — high enough from the ground that my brain was instinctively telling me to stay away from the edge.

From above I could hear the enemy drone approaching, preparing to shoot missiles in my direction.

Sensing the imminent attack, I jumped out of the way and swung with my energy sword, trying to slice the back of the missile as it zipped by my head.

Except, in reality, I was standing in a living room in a high-rise residential building near downtown Seattle. I was wearing headphones, a light backpack of gear, an Oculus VR headset, and holding two PlayStation Move controllers. The system was connected wirelessly to a nearby PC. Around me was a motion-capture system, tracking tiny markers on top of my head and on the handheld controllers.

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