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Shell Oculus Rift V-Power demo shows why Facebook was so keen to buy VR company

By August 25, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Rik Henderson

Shell is one of a handful of companies to publicly display Oculus Rift content that has no connection to its gaming abilities. And it’s the first time we’ve seen the headset itself adorned in branded colours.

The Shell V-Power Oculus Rift experience is reminiscent of movies such asĀ Fantastic Voyage or Innerspace. It shrinks you to about the size of a single drop of petrol and places you in a tiny craft. However, instead of racing you through the blood veins of a human being, you get a 3D virtual reality ride through an engine, halting along the way in the most important parts, while former F1 commentator Murray Walker describes what’s happening.

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