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Are you ready for the virtual reality revolution?

By August 4, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

Twenty years after its potential was discussed, virtual reality has finally arrived, with headsets such as Google Cardboard offering a taste of its possibilities. Here, we trace VR’s advances – and explore how it helps war veterans

By Kadhim Shubber

My body is in the Observer’s offices in King’s Cross, but my mind is in another world entirely.

Strapped to my head is the Google Cardboard virtual reality headset. Assembled from a handful of simple components, the cardboard contraption has whisked me away into a peaceful forest with red, orange and brown trees.

I am completely alone, except for an grey animated rat chasing after a large orange hat. I turn my head to watch as a gust of wind blows the hat and can’t help but stumble after the rodent, arms outstretched like a toddler taking its first steps.

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