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Virtual Reality ROI? Virtually Nonexistent

By July 30, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Cory Treffiletti

Are you ready for a world of virtual realities embedded with brands?  Trust me – I’m not, either, but it seems ad world is getting ready (once again) to embrace the concept, even if consumers aren’t.

For me, virtual reality is not a big market, and there are a number of proof points why.  First off, remember the buzz around virtual worlds like Second Life way back in 2005-2006? Brands were excited by the prospect of creating virtual experiences that immersed their audience directly into the brands, so they set up homesteads to engage with consumers, but the consumers were outnumbered by the brands. The idea is invigorating because of the depth of interaction coupled with the reduced cost vs. real-world experiences, but it still lacked quite a bit of reality.

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