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Virtual Reality: Advertising’s Next Big Thing?

By July 29, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

First Movers Coca-Cola, Nissan, HBO Bet on Tech’s Future for Marketing

By Cotton Delo

You’re on a wooden plank. Pivoting, you find yourself on the precipice of a deep pit. Taking unsteady steps, you cross with your arms outstretched for balance. You teeter to the end, exhaling in relief—and are told to about-face and plunge in.

None of this is real, a clearly evident fact. Motion sensors are strapped to your ankles and $39,000 black goggles, made by a company called NVIS, whose customers include the U.S. Army and Navy, cover most of your face and sit heavily on your head. But still, you’re terrified.

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