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VR is “bad news” says ex-Valve programmer who worked on the tech

By July 15, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

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By James Cullinane 

A programmer contracted by Valve on two separate occasions to work on its augmented reality and virtual reality projects has described the latter technology as “bad news”.

Fabien Giesen made the remark over Twitter, and explained his opinion further on GitHub.

With AR, there’s a variety of information display/visualization applications, all of which are at the very least interesting and could turn out to be tremendously empowering in various ways,” said Giesen. “The endpoint of VR, on the other hand – all engineering practicalities of first aiming for a seemingly easier goal aside – seems to be fundamentally anti-social, completing the sad trajectory of entertainment moving further and further away from shared social experiences.

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