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E3 2014: Video game industry hopes to dazzle average consumers

By June 10, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

The Los Angeles Kings may have vacated Staples Center for New York’s Madison Square Garden this week, but the blocks surrounding the arena have been replaced with a level of testosterone that not even the NHL can muster.

Cloaked assassins, military tough guys and a fantasy knight have taken control of the neighboring Los Angeles Convention Center and beyond.

All that aggressive advertising can herald only one thing: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has once again landed in Los Angeles. North America’s largest video game trade show, one that pumps $45 million into the local economy, never makes a modest entrance.

“The future begins,” is E3′s slogan for 2014, and the 45,000 registrants will ensure at least that the future is hyped.

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