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Virtual reality gets real with Seattle startup’s technology

By February 12, 2014March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Renay San Miguel / KING 5 News

If everything goes according to VRcade’s plans, very soon gamers will be able to walk into retail locations around the country, lay down some cash, strap on special lightweight headgear, and enter a virtual world teeming with aliens, zombies or – if you’re a 49ers fan – legions of Richard Shermans determined to knock down your Super Bowl dreams.

That’s just one part of VRcade’s entrepreneurial strategy. The Seattle-based startup, which so far has been providing its own funding, imagines its full-motion virtual reality technology platform also being used as the foundation for next-level business and training.

“The whole point of the VRcade is to eliminate the barrier of entry, not only for consumers but also for businesses,” said Jamie Kelly, VRcade’s co-founder, president and CEO. “It’s where they can say, ‘I want to walk you through your house, I want to show you this museum exhibit, I want to take your class on a field trip through space,’ and there’s only one place you need to go and the only place you can go is the VRcade.”

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