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What the Oculus Rift offers creative agencies

By August 30, 2013Newswires

By Neil Bennett

We visited Specialmoves to find out what the hottest new independent gaming tech offers interactive and experiential designers.

VR is back. Back in the 1990s, virtual reality was widely-hyped and then quickly just-as-widely-derided – thanks in part to the terrible tosh talked by movies such as The Lawnmower Man. We were told that soon we’d all go home every night, put on binocular headsets and gesture-tracking gloves, and go exploring virtual worlds. This idea turned out to have a lifespan only slightly longer than the Vengaboys career, culminating only in a popular-till-you-tried-it FPS game at the Trocadero centre in Piccadilly Circus that produced disappointed teenagers every 20 minutes or so.

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