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Virtual reality: Lessons from the past for Oculus Rift

By August 30, 2013March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Elyse Betters

Virtual reality was all the rage a couple of decades ago and looked as if it could become the video games industry’s next big thing. But despite public interest and millions of dollars of research, the concept flopped.

Now, with excitement building for the release of a new VR helmet – the Oculus Rift – it is worth asking what went wrong the first time round, and can any lessons be learned?

Sandwiched among old consoles in a second-hand video games shop is a vibrant box with a machine inside that was meant to change the world… and play 3D Tetris.

Released in 1994 by Nintendo, Virtual Boy was the first games console marketed with out-of-the-box VR for a relatively-affordable $180 (£115).

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