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Future looks flat for 3D TV

By August 14, 2013Newswires

By Rod Easdown

Vale 3D television, born 2009, died 2013. Deeply mourned by television manufacturers, hardly noticed by buyers.

With Foxtel’s announcement in late July that it was ditching its no-longer-viable 3D channel, owing to a worldwide lack of 3D content production, the failure of 3D has become official. All the hype put into it by manufacturers has been cancelled out by the simple fact that no one wants to wear special glasses to watch telly.

Deniers are still clinging to the numbers – independent analyst DisplaySearch notes that 41 million 3D televisions were shipped last year, up from 24 million in 2011. Proof, the deniers say, that buyers worldwide are clamouring for 3D. The realists say it’s more a result of almost all premium televisions having 3D whether buyers want it or not.

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