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E3 2013: The winners and losers so far

By June 12, 2013March 24th, 2020Newswires

Praising the best, naming and shaming the worst

By Rob Crossley


PlayStation 4

Cast your mind back to the conference and ask yourself what, for the first hour or so, actually stood out? The rebadged Final Fantasy XIV perhaps. Or maybe the admirable support for indie devs. (Seriously, try Don’t Starve now – it’s amazing.) The truth is, though, that Sony’s showpiece had largely been a damp squib, freighted down by largely dull talk about PS3 and Vita, and men on stage blathering on about what the wider Sony group could offer. At times, it was openly boring. Then, almost at the death, Tretton sprang to life, coming off the ropes, Ali against Foreman style, to deliver a triple combo that instantly knocked Microsoft’s Xbox One on its ass.

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