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Hands-on with Sony’s newer, lighter Personal 3D Viewer

By January 10, 2013March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Raymond Wong

We wanted to like the first iteration of Sony’s futuristic Personal 3D Viewer. If not for its heavy weight and freakish assortment of cumbersome adjustment straps, the head-mounted visor’s virtual 150-inch TV projection would have been a winner. Sony’s updated $900 Personal 3D Viewer is only available outside of the U.S., but with a welcome weight reduction and other improvements, we couldn’t help but go heads-on.

For the most part, the new Personal 3D Viewer is a big improvement over last year’s model. Strapping it on your head is way easier due to fewer adjustment straps, and the entire thing feels comfier on your head because it’s lighter.

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