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David Attenborough: ‘3D is a far greater perception of reality than colour alone’

By November 19, 2012March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Peter Cooper

His voice is synonymous with footage of nature at its most spectacular, his knowledge on it is seemingly unfathomable, and his warm charisma on screen has cemented his place as a national treasure.

Since he began broadcasting natural history for the BBC with ‘The Pattern of Animals’ and ‘Zoo Quest’ in the 1950s, he has gone on to amaze and inspire millions more in the following years.

Now Sir David Attenborough continues to expand his incredible repertoire with his latest project, ‘The Penguin King 3D’, a dramatic tale of the incredible life lead by a male King Penguin on the island of South Georgia. I spoke with him ahead of the DVD release to discuss the new dimensions the documentary adds to the world of wildlife film-making.

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