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Are ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Monsters Inc.’ in 3D More Than Your Usual Cash Grab?

By September 6, 2012March 24th, 2020Newswires

By Neil Miller

“It really is a huge project to do a 3D version of one of our films,” explains Pixar veteran and Finding Nemo co-director Lee Unkrich. “As opposed to just a 2D to 3D conversion that you typically see. Those are a lot of work as well, but that’s a lot of gimmickry and trickery to create the false illusion of depth. In our case, it’s kind of like going back in a time machine and getting to make the movie a second time.”

It begs the question, especially as we find ourselves a week away from Finding Nemo swimming back into theaters with an additional dimension. A week that has seen the release of a new trailer for Monsters Inc. in 3D, a release that will take place in December. Hollywood has been in love with 3D for years, of that they’ve made no attempt at secrecy. And it isn’t just releasing new movies in 3D, but bringing back classics with an added dimension that’s got the number crunchers excited. From Titanic to The Lion King to Star Wars, no great property can escape the clutches of the third dimension. But as they are in so many ways, Pixar is different. Or at least they should be, right?

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