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Film Set Interview: ‘The Avengers’ Producer Kevin Feige

By April 3, 2012March 24th, 2020Newswires

Film Set Interview: ‘The Avengers’ Producer Kevin Feige

By Peter Sciretta

Q: Speaking of technology, can you talk about how you’re approach 3D on “The Avengers” and you feel about it on future Marvel films?

Kevin Feige: It’s a film-by-film decision. 3D gets a bad rap for various reasons. It’s a hard thing. It really is like… If there were some big, high-profile sound system that came out… If when SurroundSound came out however-many-years-ago, they charged you two or three bucks extra, well, when the speaker’s buzzing, people are gonna get annoyed and, frankly, I’ve been in theaters were the speakers were buzzing and nobody even gets up to to complain about it and I go, “Am I really gonna have to be the one to get up and complain about this?” But that dark issue, which varies from theater to theater and varies from movie to movie and varies from projector bulb to projector bulb, people have paid extra money for that, so it’s gonna get annoying if it’s not done well, so I sorta understand that. I think “Thor” looked great in 3D. “Captain America,” which is almost finished, looks great in 3D. I think “Transformers,” which I’ve not seen yet, but my guess is it’s gonna be awesome in 3D. And there are others that aren’t worth is.

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