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Let’s just let James Cameron do everything

By March 20, 2012March 24th, 2020Newswires

Let’s just let James Cameron do everything

By Clemba Stowe

So about a week ago, we all shuffled into Hoyts at an unbearable hour (9am, GOD HELP US), seeking an audience with producer Jon Landau, who was in town to present a showreel of footage from the 3D conversion of Titanic, which is due in cinemas on April 5th.

So far so “whatever”, right?

Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking as much, given that the words “3D conversion” bring to mind hideousness like Clash Of The Titans, Conan The Barbarian and Avatar: The Last Airbender: murky, incomprehensible eyesores that studios have run through a stereoscopic conversion process in order to nab a few extra bucks in ticket sales.

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