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Is 3D Mania Losing Steam?

By November 18, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Is 3D Mania Losing Steam?

For years, 3D has both excited and hassled consumers. Will it ever be more than a fad and a fiasco?

By John Dvorak

The hot ticket in the world of 3D is the Nintendo 3DS, but is anyone actually using it with the 3D turned on? That’s a big question.

3D was brought back into the theaters for a few gimmicky movies and a new digital technology that allowed one projector to project the two images necessary for 3D. It re-triggered a 3D fad that has come and gone and come and gone over the years.

Key to the idea that it’s again receding is the simple fact that nobody is bothering to buy 3D TVs for their home. The few who do have the 3D TV seldom watch anything in 3D. It’s too much of a hassle and still seen as a gimmick. A fun gimmick perhaps, but a gimmick nonetheless.

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