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Super Mario 3D Land For: 3DS

By November 14, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Super Mario 3D Land For: 3DS

By Mike Rose

It was disappointing when the Nintendo 3DS didn’t launch with a truly killer title to play on it. In fact, it’s even more disappointing that we’ve had to wait eight months for a true Nintendo classic to pop up on the system.

And here it is, in the form of the world’s favourite plucky red plumber and his Goomba-bashing, fire-flowering, flagpole-jumping antics.

Super Mario 3D Land is not the best Mario game ever. It may not be the best handheld Mario game. But it’s still an absolute delight, with ideas taken from past titles in the franchise, merged together with some excellent stereoscopic 3D concepts.

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