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It’s still life but in 3D

By November 2, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

It’s still life but in 3D

By Terry Lane

Create your own ‘in your face’ pictures with this intriguing PC software.

AN IMPORTANT part of Imaging’s mission is to direct readers to new and surprising ways to waste huge amounts of time on pointless photographic exercises. And we have come up with a doozy this week.

As you are aware, 3D is the imaging buzzword these days. Cinemas, television makers and camera manufacturers are all looking to make an extra buck or two from fitting us out with funny-looking spectacles and hurling stuff straight at our heads. The 3D craze is lasting longer this time than in its previous incarnations but there are signs the fascination with it is fast fading.

So, before it goes away, why not give 3D a try at no cost to yourself, except time?

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