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MasterImage 3D: The best glasses-free 3D technology yet

By August 26, 2011Newswires

MasterImage 3D: The best glasses-free 3D technology yet

By Dean Takahashi

Most stereoscopic 3D experiences are weak. The glasses-free Nintendo 3DS turned out to be a disappointment, forcing Nintendo to slash the prices on that handheld gaming device. But the glasses-free experience offered by MasterImage 3D is something altogether different. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to offer an outstanding 3D experience on smartphones and tablets.

Roy Taylor, executive vice president and general manager for MasterImage 3D, showed me a working prototype of the company’s new screen based on what it calls its “cell matrix parallax barrier” technology. The quality blew me away. On a 4.3-inch WVGA screen, Taylor showed that he could demonstrate a 3D movie running in stereoscopic 3D. I didn’t need to wear glasses to see the sharp 3D imagery. When I moved my head, it didn’t get blurry. And if I moved my head too far to the side, it gracefully transitioned to a two-dimensional image.

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