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A Developer’s Guide To Stereoscopic 3D In Games

By August 17, 2011Newswires

A Developer’s Guide To Stereoscopic 3D In Games

By Guillaume Gouraud

[Wondering what the landscape for stereoscopic 3D games looks like? This in-depth article from Darkworks SA co-founder Guillaume Gouraud examines platforms, display technologies and middleware, to offer a look at the landscape for developers planning to implement 3D into their games.]

Whether you love it or hate it, stereoscopic 3D is here, and with it comes new challenges that will certainly have developers and publishers questioning if they have the technological muscle and understanding to make the leap into this new arena.

To help, we’ll cover how stereoscopic 3D works, while also examining various technological solutions making true depth possible. And with the new surge of technological advancements over the past years, there is indeed plenty to explore.

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