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Should the London 2012 Olympics be broadcast in 3D?

By June 30, 2011March 24th, 2020Newswires

Should the London 2012 Olympics be broadcast in 3D?

Will 3D coverage enhance the Games or will it be another needless expense, asks Owen Gibson

In addition to paying through the nose for a (plastic) glass of Pimm’s, dashing to secure a patch of turf on which you can watch the same pictures available in your lounge while exposed to the elements and queuing to shell out £28 for a towel, there is one other option available to the SW19 hoards this fortnight when they’re not actually watching tennis.

PR representatives for Sony are responsible for trying to corral unsuspecting ground pass holders into watching a demonstration of its 3D footage. For the first time the Championships are being shown in 3D by various broadcasters around the world, in cinemas around the country and – on an experimental basis – by the BBC.

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